My name is Chelsea Coe, Senior at UC Merced. Check out what I'll be doing at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina between 8/25-9/7!


Sep 9, 2012
@ 8:36 pm

Famous Photo Bomb

So these are people I saw in passing but didn’t get a picture with… just for fun!

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House

Barbara Boxer

Soledad O’Brien

An attempt to get Piers Morgan

Castro! Mayor of San Antonio

I saw soooo many famous people it was ridiculous.  The thing about the DNC being at Charlotte this year is that you literally walked everywhere.  The convention center, epicenter, and Time Warner Arena where everything was being held is all in walking distance of each other.  Every time you see a mob of people (security) you knew someone famous was coming! People literally camped out in front of CNN just to see who would come out.  I think this made Charlotte an especially unique city to host the DNC.


Sep 9, 2012
@ 8:27 pm

Some Important People

I don’t even know where to start… So I’ll start with pictures!

Israel Balderas, News Anchor for FOX TV Charlotte

Melvin Watt, North Carolina 12th Congressional District

Former Mayor of Charlotte Mayor Richard Vinroot

Such an honor to meet the Former Mayor Harvey Gantt, first black mayor of Charlotte

Time Warner Arena, Day 1 open to the public

Obama Sand Mountain! Right in the middle of the city

Random Reptiles at the Texas Delegation Party

Current Mayor of Charlotte, Anthony Fox

(Left to Right) Mayor of Charlotte, News Anchor, Mayor of San Antonio, Mayor of San Francisco


Sep 3, 2012
@ 12:45 am

Day Seven

So I haven’t posted since Wednesday and I really apologize.  I have never been so busy in my entire life.  I’ve been busy before but I always manage to find sleep.  This past week I have been running so low on sleep and constantly on the go! My day starts at 630 or so every morning and I’m lucky I’ve I’m back by midnight every night… but oh well, I can sleep when I’m home!

We’re down to the wire and I am SOOOOOOO excited for this week. Ill be working 8-6 with Bloomberg everyday and then hitting up all the events at night.  I have credentials to see all the speakers including Obama on Thursday.

I wish I could write more but I just am so exhausted and need to sleep for tomorrow.

I may not be able to post until I get back! I will be posting TONS of pictures then.

Thanks y’all!


Aug 28, 2012
@ 11:48 pm

Day Three

It’s super late, and I still have to do a bunch of reading and writing so I gotta make this short! 

Picture time :)

Sidney and I with State Legislator of NC, Patricia Cotham

My two best friends

This was a really cool art exhibit at UNC extension.  The bottom row has some set of candidates like Obama, Santorum, Bush, Palin and it basically goes up to a bunch of hot topics including abortion, evolution, gay rights, money, war, etc.  It was really creative.

Some UNC, Quinnipiac, and Hofstra students and I! I met some really amazing people that I hope to keep in touch with even after this experience.

Alright, I have a 13 hour day ahead of me tomorrow with speakers, fieldwork meetings, credential meetings, lunch meeting with Dr. Bose (super excited), and then we have a panel with the mayor of Charlotte and a couple other people!

Also, if you get a chance to catch the RNC tonight, please do so! History is in the making…

Good Night World!


Aug 28, 2012
@ 5:54 pm

Sorry, it was pretty much a rant! I was just so inspired I couldn’t help myself.  As many things I get excited about, I’m sure it will fade but I will without a doubt be voting this November so I hope you join me!! 

I’ll be posting more about the speakers and what I learned soon in writing with a couple pictures.  Thanks so much for checking this out! It helps to know someone’s actually reading/listening so :)

Oh! And just as I post this the GOP has officially nominated Romney. Watch the Republican National Convention!


Aug 27, 2012
@ 8:31 pm

Forgive me! This is my first time doing any sort of blogging and making videos so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

E-mail me!

It’s the final countdown as we approach the convention.  Another two speakers we had today was the guy Clark Jennings, who basically coordinates the entire Convention hired by the DNC (unlike the Host Committee guy) and Kevin Monroe, who is the Deputy Director for Intergovernmental Affairs and Outreach for the Democratic National Convention.  They talked about all the effort that goes into making the convention happen and how this will be different than any other conventions.  It took 150 hotels from all around the Charlotte vicinity to make this work.  In bigger cities, there are bigger hotels were it can take less hotels to fill more people.  These hotels are often by the stadium, but in Charlotte people could be staying 20-30min away.  The good part is that once they are shuttled in to what they call the “epicenter” everything is walking distance! All three stadiums plus the 1200 official events that will be going on all week is walking distance and that’s a new thing.  Although security will be tight, I hope I get to see a bunch of delegates and senators walking around everywhere!

Well it’s back to the books for me. 

Good night world!


Aug 26, 2012
@ 11:11 pm

Day One

My name is Chelsea Coe, and I am currently a Senior at UC Merced.  I transferred Fall of 2011 from Santa Monica College. I am a Cognitive Science major and Political Science minor.  

Basically, I received this amazing opportunity thanks to UC Merced to spend two weeks in Charlotte, North Carolina during the Democratic National Convention!  It’s a program headed by The Washington Center (  On top of that, I got an amazing opportunity with Bloomberg News too. I could not be more excited

This is me waking up at 7am EST (4am PST) super nervous for the day.  I really had no idea what I was getting myself into except for a little bit of insight from Baltazar, which is the other UC Merced student who is going to the RNC.  I get out of the elevator to go to the conference room and I immediately meet this girl Sidney from Hofstra University and we immediately click! Thank god, I’m terribly awkward when I don’t know anybody.  

The day basically consisted of a couple speakers and introduction of all the staff and faculty.  We spend some time with our advisors and talked about the work that was to come in the next two weeks.  We took a tour of Charlotte as well and let me tell you, it is not what you expected! Well… okay I don’t know what you expected but it’s way different from what I expected. I can definitely admit that I’m a bit ignorant when it comes to the South so I was expecting something a bit different but it is such a cute clean and quaint town.  It kind of reminds me of Austin, TX if you’ve been.

Unfortunately, I am already swamped with tons of homework otherwise I would go into more detail but I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow with a video log :)

For now, here are a couple videos.

Good night world!

There’s a little bit of the Charlotte Skyline and this is the UNC building that’s by the city, the actual campus is like 10mi away.

This is Sidney and I!

Nascar Hall of Fame!